giovedì 30 giugno 2016

Master&Slave @Codice Rosso

Hi my kinky bitches :) After two years, next Saturday, July 2nd from 10pm I am back to perform live @Codice Rosso, via Conte Ruggero 48, Catania (Italy), in awesome island of Sicily!
Once the Catania Pride is over, I am going to be submitted to a willing, brutal master that you already know very well, since is one of my favourite collegue whom I worked tons of times with but never live! It deals with my hung dom Alexx Stier!
So, prepare your asses and get your dicks ready for a very hot session which will certainly surprise you ;-)

domenica 26 giugno 2016

The Human Centipede @Wasteland

Hello, my lustful followers! :-) Last April 16th I went to Amsterdam to perform back along with my perv collegues @Wasteland!
The last party theme referred to the post-apocalyptic decadence: what we had in mind was the consequences humanity is heading whether it keeps on fancing itself above nature: in fact, recently science led to a magnificent progress involving the discovery of the atomic fusion, the manipulation of human DNA, cloning and even creating new types of vaccine. Unfortunately, not all progress leads to a proper human progress if improperly used. This could happen (and actually happens) when atomic fusion is adopted to destroy; if DNA knowledge leads to a perverse manipulation of the human/animal nature; if microbiological issues are aimed to give birth to new pathogens just for personal profits.
All human deviated behaviour potentially leads to an apocalyptic decadence. Do you remember Tom Six's horror movie "The Human Centipede"? The crazyness of a scientist (Dr. Heiter) makes him believe that a distopic new generation of human beings is possible if only nature is shaped according to his sadic mental approach to life.
With Nikolaj Tange Lange as one of the last uncorrupted souls survived to the human regression I get trapped in the horror circus of sadic perverts Anna Bolika and Malice Mistress and get abused till our souls go astray and our bodies decayed. Basically, the wicked sadic jokesters surround us: Anna starts to hit my ass with a baseball bat while Malice is punching Nikolaj's hole; then, Anna makes my ass get abused by her humongous strap-on black dildo and Malice begins to fist Nikolaj with her dildo staff; the body corruption is nearly achieved. Thus, Nikolaj turns into a submissive, obedient puppy whose back stands for me getting bodily blended to his bottom making up a "human centipede", a corrupted outcome of two human bodies downgraded to the animal race. So our souls are: subjugated by human arrogance which fancies to win nature. The following pics and the video cut-out at the bottom witness the birth of our Human Centipede. Enjoy :-)


Watch the trailer of Wasteland, Post-Apocalyptic Decadence here:

mercoledì 22 giugno 2016

Fleshjacking @DarKHouse

Hey, my wankers! ;-) you know how much I love sex toys lato sensu. This time, I am gonna share with you one of my favourite practice that I enjoy when I am usually by myself: fleshlighting my dick. :-P if premises have caught your longing, come to see and help me and climax @DarkHouse, viale del lavoro 39/A, San Martino Buon Albergo (Verona, Italy) on Friday, June 24th from 10pm!

lunedì 20 giugno 2016

Cum Guzzlers

Hello my cum-collecters! :-) Recently, my scene with Aitor Bravo has been included  as a 3rd track in UKNakedMen's DVD named "Cum Guzzler", and this is highlighted by the front cover and by three snaps in the back one (1st and 3rd).

Full Cover

mercoledì 15 giugno 2016

Anniversary live shows @Trafick

Salut, mes chéris! :-) It's time for me to visit Switzerland for my first time, and it'll be about a very interesting visit, since I am going to spend the whole upcoming weekend in Lausanne! In fact, on June 17th, 18th and 19th I am going to perform live with Zander Craze and Nicola Antonio for the 2nd Anniversary of the Trafick Club! So, clean your ass up and get you cock rock hard since the hottest summer weekend is coming at 22, Avenue de Tivoli! Ne pouvez pas manquer ;-) 

lunedì 13 giugno 2016

Mister 123Bello! 2016 selections

Hello my friends! After 2 years I decided to get involved again in a further beauty pageant: it deals with Mister 123Bello! hosted by Paola Penelope & Nehellenia, directed by Gianfranco Brugiotti.
Next Thursday, June 16th from 8pm along with another 6 gorgeous guys and 7 wonderful Drag Queens (for Miss 123Bella!) I am going to undergo the severe judgement of a good 11 members of a jury voting for 2 different runway shows and outfits of each of us (the best "character" is an additional voting for Miss 123Bella!) @Teatro Centrale, via Celsa 6, Rome (Italy): 13€ entry, no-limit buffet, dinner shows (Melissa Bianchini+Antonio Labajour de Filippis+Alex Ballerini) and competition included.
Who is going to be the Mister 123Bello! and Miss 123Bella! 2016 of Central Italy? Book your table now and find out who deserves to get to the national final pageant held in Genoa on September 2nd! :-)

123Bello! competitors

123Bella! competitors
The Jury

giovedì 9 giugno 2016

X-Hell live show @Le Trash Bar

Allons, enfants de la Patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé! ;-) Next Saturday, June 11th from 10pm I am going to be performing live for my first time @Le Trash Bar, 28, rue du Berceau, Marseille (FR), with fucking hot Spaniard Stephan Raw!!! Despite the expectations, it will be a safe sex show ;-) save the date and enjoy "l'été occitan"! ;)

martedì 7 giugno 2016

Roma Pride Witch Sabbath @Spartacus Sauna

Hello my renegades :-) next Friday, June 10th is the Gay Pride Parade's Eve in Rome as well as the CCCXXIV anniversary of the so-called Salem Witch Trials: a series of trials which led to the execution of people (mostly women) accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts from February 1692 to May 1693.
Actually, this was the most impressive prosecution of heretics in the British colony after the previous 17 executions between 1647 and 1688: it involved not only present-day Danvers (Salem Village) and Salem (once Salem Town, legally indipendent from the village), but even many more towns; this implies how intense was the procedure and widespread was the practice of black magic in New England.
June 2nd, 1692 was the day of the first trial whose execution was held on the 10th: Bridget Bishop was sentenced to hanging on the so-called Witches' Hill in Salem Town. Later, on the 29th, 5 more women were convicted to death, and so on.
Against this backdrop, I will be waiting for you all to celebrate the black witch Sabbath @Spartacus Sauna, via Pontremoli 28, Rome (Italy) on June 10th from 10pm. In addition, it is so curiously bizarre that the above-mentioned anniversary falls just the day when I have my live show in San Giovanni in Laterano Roman area, since an ancient pagan tradition, traditionally called "the witches' night", was held just in San Giovanni: it dealt with St. John Nativity night on June 24th (just 2 weeks later), during the Eve of which witches gathered together to go on souls hunt. Thus, people flocked from every area of Rome to make a lot of noise by playing bells, tambourines and trumpets in order to frighten them and to eat snails, in taverns, whose horns stood for concerns and troubles, so against adversities and jinxes; the party ended up in the early morning when the pope went to the Basilica for the high mass after which he lavished gold and silver pieces to liven up the crowd.
Unfortunately, this kind of celebration does not exists anymore today, but if you come around next Friday I could liven up your night to make up for it :-P

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