domenica 26 giugno 2016

The Human Centipede @Wasteland

Hello, my lustful followers! :-) Last April 16th I went to Amsterdam to perform back along with my perv collegues @Wasteland!
The last party theme referred to the post-apocalyptic decadence: what we had in mind was the consequences humanity is heading whether it keeps on fancing itself above nature: in fact, recently science led to a magnificent progress involving the discovery of the atomic fusion, the manipulation of human DNA, cloning and even creating new types of vaccine. Unfortunately, not all progress leads to a proper human progress if improperly used. This could happen (and actually happens) when atomic fusion is adopted to destroy; if DNA knowledge leads to a perverse manipulation of the human/animal nature; if microbiological issues are aimed to give birth to new pathogens just for personal profits.
All human deviated behaviour potentially leads to an apocalyptic decadence. Do you remember Tom Six's horror movie "The Human Centipede"? The crazyness of a scientist (Dr. Heiter) makes him believe that a distopic new generation of human beings is possible if only nature is shaped according to his sadic mental approach to life.
With Nikolaj Tange Lange as one of the last uncorrupted souls survived to the human regression I get trapped in the horror circus of sadic perverts Anna Bolika and Malice Mistress and get abused till our souls go astray and our bodies decayed. Basically, the wicked sadic jokesters surround us: Anna starts to hit my ass with a baseball bat while Malice is punching Nikolaj's hole; then, Anna makes my ass get abused by her humongous strap-on black dildo and Malice begins to fist Nikolaj with her dildo staff; the body corruption is nearly achieved. Thus, Nikolaj turns into a submissive, obedient puppy whose back stands for me getting bodily blended to his bottom making up a "human centipede", a corrupted outcome of two human bodies downgraded to the animal race. So our souls are: subjugated by human arrogance which fancies to win nature. The following pics and the video cut-out at the bottom witness the birth of our Human Centipede. Enjoy :-)


Watch the trailer of Wasteland, Post-Apocalyptic Decadence here:

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