venerdì 29 novembre 2013

Capital Cox... Roman hot cocks!

In October, 12th I decided to go to the Cox party organized in Rome this year after having known about there were my porn idols: Tim Kruger and Lucio Saints. The former I had the opportunity to meet and fuck with the day before, whereas the latter still remains in my mind as a far-away desire: against this backdrop, I hope to fulfill it as soon as possible. :D Notwithstanding, I managed to have a photo with him and to see and touch his hot body, his gorgeous face and his very big cock at least (by the way, only to look at it! ;D)!!! It was a funny night at that disco, though too crowded, despite I did not understand anything of what people were telling me, because of high music (of course, you are on a dancefloor! Ok, but my ears look older than me :D), and why not? of getting high (for emotions, ofcourse! XD).

I wanna introduce my love to you all XD

So hot, isn't he? :Q_______

However, a different kind of people invaded that place: next, a sample of



and chaotic "homo erectus" (as chance would have it!). ;D

A place which evacuating from was strictly needed, except from Tim and Lucio, do you agree? :P

domenica 3 novembre 2013

Gaston & Tim by (part 2)

Here, the teaser of my first porn clip for with my dream-come-true Tim Kruger released on October 17th, 2013. Enjoy! :-)

sabato 2 novembre 2013

Gaston & Tim by (part 1)

I knew Tim Kruger by chance on net by visiting some profiles online last year. This discover let me thunderstuck, since I eventually had the possibility to fulfill my desire: meeting my sex idol. When I found out Tim would have been in Italy, I immediately decided to write him in order to shoot some hot sex scene together. This fucking hot divine-smiled German porn actor really made me horny, when first I touched him, and then touched it: one of the longest and hardest cock my ass has ever taken! Tim was a surprise from every point of view: on the one hand, you look at a mythical figure living in a Hyperuranus far away from your mere narrow wordly "habitat"; on the other hand, you find out a very human simple personality; this was making me hornier, and through that perfect smile and cock orgasm reached highest levels.