sabato 31 ottobre 2015

My Halloween Ghost Story for

from Twitter (@Otter_Holt)

BOOOOOO! Scary greetings to everybody! :-P Halloween is coming (or else "is cumming") and for 7 pornstars it is time to reveal what they have carried on their heart with fear and shame during all of these years! Fear for what they would have felt again while confessing their haunting thoughts; fear for not being believed; and shame for being mocked for that. But Halloween is the proper time to feel freed from this heavy burden from our own shoulders, from our soul. Thus, many collegues and me have decided to tell our own ghost story to and what you are going to read is what has been haunting my mind since my youth. Enjoy my story, then, by clicking on the link at the bottom, and Happy Terrifying Halloween to you all :-)

venerdì 23 ottobre 2015

2nd Interview on KeepRadio

Hi everybody. Tomorrow at around 5.30p.m. I am talking about the relationship between sex and social networks during my second interview for the "Wild Express" programme on KeepRadio. Once again I have the pleasure to take part in a conversation with Luca Wild and Manuel Masi on such a widespread phenomenon! Tune in by visiting and don't miss it.

martedì 20 ottobre 2015

Dungeon Fuckers by Dark Alley Media

Hello masters&slaves :) what I am going to introduce to you deals with an empirical proof of domination and submission implemented in a proper location: the dungeons of a grotesque and filthy spot (The Bunker Bar, 217 City Road, London) that give vent to your fetishism and free play to your imagination. Hence the name of my new clip for named Dungeon Fuckers with my nasty pig friend-in-crime Alexx Stier, released last week on Oct. 14th 2015. YES SIR! He loves to abuse his slaves' asses in a torture room and takes a delight in hearing them screaming for pain and begging for more! So, enjoy the following snaps and take a look at the preview linked at the bottom.

Behind the scene
My favourite torture room

martedì 13 ottobre 2015

Hustlaball Berlin 2015 live shows @KitKat Club

Hello my piggy followers! Compared with last year when I'd been nominated as Best Newcomer 2014, this year I am gonna take part at the HustlaBall Berlin 2015 officially as a live performer along with a lot of pornstars coming from all over the world, such as Brent Everett and Armond Rizzo who are my idols, and my icons as well.

Proudly, I'll be waiting for you all on Friday, October 16th from 8p.m. @KitKat Club, Köpernicker Straße 76, D-10179 Berlin-Mitte (DE). It deals with a very nice club where you will be able to assist to 2 live shows: the former will take place on the small VIP area stage, the latter on the main one where you will see me fucking with nasty Michael Selvaggio and more hot performers. Eventually, you will enjoy the bukkake grand final followed by a dip in the swimming pool! So, don't miss this unique event in the international city of sex! ;-)

Some stars performing at the Hustlaball Berlin

My little biography for the Hustlaball Berlin 2015

giovedì 8 ottobre 2015

One, No One and One Hundred Thousand

Good morning everybody. Last night the blog you are following reaches the 100,000 page views mark!!! This is simply amazing!

Two years ago this blog belonged to no one; as time went by it grew in posts and importance and its creator became someone thanks to his followers and all the efforts involved. Now, it counts one hundred thousand page views, and it is so for you all are following me everyday and every night! In gratitude for your fidelity guess how I celebrate this event... ;-)