giovedì 28 maggio 2015

Control fetish night @Bunker Disco Club

Hello everyone. Next Saturday, May 30th, from 10 p.m. I wait for you for a new fetish Roman night: Control @Bunker Disco Club, via Placido Zurla, 68 - Rome (IT), where I am going to perform live with hot gogo Raul. Guest DJ Ivan Cap and Voice Resident Chris. Don't miss the Control opening night! :-)

giovedì 14 maggio 2015

Hard Show @TrapMad

Hi all. A new show is coming in Brescia. This time I am going to perform with horse-hung Italian top Pako Berenguer in a live sex show taking your breathe away! ;-P I wait for you on Saturday, May 16th from 11p.m. first at the Area Bear, then at the B-Side privé of the TrapMad disco, via Castagna 55, Brescia (Italy).

domenica 10 maggio 2015

Bareback Daddy Banger

Proudly, I wanna introduce to you all the 2nd DVD (for the 1st one click here), which my work is included in: Jonno Media's Bareback Daddy Banger(s), distributed by La Coute Ltd from March 26th, containing both of my scenes shooted for Butch Dixon and released in February: the former with Craig Daniel (watch here) and the latter with David Lambert and Russ Magnus (watch here), appearing therein respectively as the last scene (no 5) and the 2nd one.
Below you can see the cover, whose back shows 2 snaps taken from the 2nd scene, and the link where to buy it. Enjoy :)

martedì 5 maggio 2015

Hard Show @Agorà Club

Hello world. :) Next Saturday, May 9th from 10p.m. I wait for you all for my first time in Brescia (Italy) performing with Italian hottie Sebastian @Agorà Club, via Malta 4/M. Dress Code: naked or underwear. Do not miss it :)

venerdì 1 maggio 2015

Interview for

Hi everybody! Today, I proudly want to report to you all my first international interview for a very famous blog in Spain: (Tw.: @ChulazosBlog). It has been released on April 25th, it is in Spanish and you can read it by clicking on the link under the picture. Many thanks to ChulazosXXX staff and I hope you will enjoy it! :)