giovedì 28 gennaio 2016

Woof&Private party live shows @Bunker Disco Club

Woof! Wooffff!!! Hey my wolf cubs! Ready to turn into a werewolf? The party night is coming!!! I'll be waiting for you all along with porn wolfman Mark Wolf, next Saturday, January 30th from 11p.m. @Bunker, via Placido Zurla 68, Rome (Italy)*. Don't miss the Woof Party and howl with us :-P

*In addition, I come back to the Bunker for the Private Party extra-data for a live show starting from 3p.m., when my wailings will have turned into moans of pleasure ;-)

domenica 24 gennaio 2016

Suited (Behind the Scenes)

Hey all. Some weeks ago, my first video for with Nathan Hope was out with the title Head Office Hunting. Today, I want to show you some pics taken from the DVD where it is included, Suited, dealing with what happens Behind the Scenes: from the following pics and the video linked at the bottom you will be able to see how a sex scene is developing among interviews, shots and even some good laugh :-) 

mercoledì 20 gennaio 2016

Interview for HotHumans blog

Hello, my dear followers! January 10th my interview for the friendly blog Hot Humans! (Tw.: @Bufibears) has been released both in English and in Spanish. I have been asked for my début in the porn industry, my attitude before and during shooting, the favourite pornstars I would work with and the scenes I have done, hobbies, love, suggestions to newcomers and my plans for the future. Hope you will enjoy it!

sabato 16 gennaio 2016

Young Pup by

Hello my feet lovers :-) The last year has finished favourably: on Dec.31st my first scene for HardKinks was out by the name of Young Pup, where I am back to top. Here, I am even a deflowerer, meaning that I am dealing with the newcomer Aytor Wilde, a Spanish twink who has already shown to have a lot of experience... behind his back ;-) By scrolling down the pics below you get to the link for the preview. Enjoy :-)

martedì 12 gennaio 2016

2015 Hustlaball Berlin's Bukkake Grand Finale

Hello everybody. I promise: this is the last post about my unforgettable experience at the Hustlaball Berlin 2015 where I performed live on Oct.16th, 2015, after this and this one, but materials were a lot :-) it deals with the last part of the event concerning the bukkake show which I was selected for as the "victim" fit for taking and swallowing loads and loads of cum: from 2 ebony studs (Buster Sly and Troy Moreno from Machofactory) and from a couple of ivory hunks (Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman). MMMMMM what a lot of juicy dicks I drained that night :-P
Here below, you can find, and hopefully watch, the two parts of the video about the Bukkake Grand Finale, kindly provided by QTpix photography, whom I sincerely thank a lot. Unfortunately, I had to reduce their volume from 600/700 Mb to less than 100 Mb (according to Blogger rules), so this has affected a little their quality. Enjoy anyway :-)

VIDEO - Part 1 (with dance into)*

VIDEO - Part 2*
*if you experience any problem in opening the videos, please change device and use your PC, then it should work.

venerdì 8 gennaio 2016

BI-fisting dark show @Wasteland

Hello heap of devilish pervs! As you certainly remember, at the end of November 2015 I flew to Amsterdam to take part to a very very controversial, eccentric and unconventional party called Wasteland at the door of the capital city of the Netherlands: Zaandam.
There, I met again my new collegues whom I'd work with later: Nikolaj Tange Lange, who played with me the role of a slutty sacrificial victim of lust, under the control of our sexy "fistress", Malice Mistress, and all of this was ruled by Berlin's Drag Devil Dominatrix Anna Bolika, the satanic director of this lustful act. She instilled her slutty power to our doomed, defenceless bodies which started to liven up, touch mutually and neck, before being fucked and abused by Malice's evil scepter (a staff with a dildo on the top) and being punched in the ass by our authoritarian, respectable mistress. After being abused for a while, she slit our throats on the sacrificial altar with Anna "Dia-Bolika" 's cursed knife till we fell down dying and, finally, bloodlessly. Thus, the satanic sacrifice of two fags in the name of lust got achieved.
This is what happened on the stage of Wasteland Dark Fairytales and here below you can see some pics taken by Heinrich V. Schimmer photographer, who kindly gave us, and a short video where Anna Bolika is making her death dance among fire and Malice Mistress, just finished to fistfuck us, is preparing to kill cutting our throats and give definitively our soul to the Devil.

My group of pervs <3
Testing materials before performing
Getting ready for the show
Malice Mistress and her two slaves to sacrifice
The fags are infused with the power of lust
"Be the slutty power spread inside of you"
"...and get ready to be abused"
Anna "Dia-Bolika" making her fatal dance while her victims are getting fuckfisted
She sentencing her victims to death by blowing out the fire


Anna Bolika's Facebook Fanpage:
Heinrich V. Schimmer ph. Facebook Fanpage:

lunedì 4 gennaio 2016

Head Office Hunting by

Hello guys :-) from "back to bare" to "back to wear"... a dress suit. No, it doesn't deal with a reversal of trend: it is just safe sex with a hot French guy whom it is worth it for. And for the new studio I have started to work for, too. Precisely, what follows is a series of pics taken from my 1st video for, called Head Office Hunting, with horny twink from Paris Nathan Hope.
It was a very interesting experience, since it has (unexpectedly?) been my first recited scene: I had never carried on a dialogue (even in English) before, though I (fortunately!) had a little speaking part, since I played the role of an annoyed, busy office secretary XD
This scene has been released on December 14th, 2015 and it is included in "Suited" DVD by Alphamales, Eurocreme Group. At the bottom of this page, you can watch both trailers. Enjoy :-)

venerdì 1 gennaio 2016

Lines of Xcommunication @Juice Berry

Happy New Year to everybody! New year, new ways of conceiving communication. Communication in human relationships may be sincere, immediate, mediate, misinterpreted, allusive, biting, provocative, clear, wrongfooting, embarassing, irritating, rude and insulting, leading to dishonour, infamy, shame and even blasphemy. Probably, this should have been what Pope Leo X felt when Martin Luther defiantly burnt the papal bull "Exsuge Domine" where he had been demanded of recantation on December 10th, 1520. Accordingly, on January 3rd, 1521 Leo X excommunicated Luther issueing the bull "Decet Romanum Pontificem" (literally, "It pleases the Roman Pontifex"), which are the first three Latin words of the text.

Decet Romanum Pontificem, issued on Jan. 3rd, 1521

Thus, after 495 years on Jan.3rd, 2016, we shall honour the religious episode between these two renowned historical figures in a both blaspheme and provocative live show, a new way of communicating sex and pleasure @Juice Berry club, via Torino 162, Venice (Italy) from 6p.m. So, don't miss it, my godless sinners! ;-)

ph. by GDLart