lunedì 29 agosto 2016

2 Years of Juice Berry shows

Today, August 29th, 2016 my partnership with Juice Berry Club of Venice (Mestre), Italy, marks 2 years! Two years when I have been having the pleasure to work for Andrea and for the whole staff who treat me as a member of a family everytime I meet them; two years during which I had a cool 29 live shows: 6 in 2014, 12 in 2015 and 11 in 2016 till now. So, get ready for the next show that is scheduled on Sep.16th because it'll be the thirtieth! :-) Finally, by clicking on the pics below you are directing to the earlier posts referring to the hottest JB live shows. Enjoy :-)

martedì 23 agosto 2016

The Smile of God @Juice Berry

Hello, my devotees :-) Next Fri., August 26th from 11pm I'm gonna be @Juice Berry, via Torino 162 Venice (Mestre), to celebrate the 38th anniversary of Pope John Paul I's election, "The Smile of God" aka "The Smiling Pope".
Born Albino Luciani, he is the most recent Italian-born pope, ending a succession of popes started with Clement VII in 1523, and he is known to have led the shortest papacy ever, lasted just 33 days. Before being pope, he was the third Patriarch of Venice (during the XX century) as Cardinal-Priest of San Marco: he progressively supported divorce in Italy (1974), though promoted disciplinary punishment to the priests who spoke out in favour of any leftist party, mostly because of the Marxism (1975), but urged fellow priests in Venice to sell their valuables to stand for spastic children as long as he did by selling a golden cross given to him by Pope John XXIII, who was the second Patriarch of Venice (1976). He dead for a heartbreak on Sep.28th, 1978 after a 33-day-long papacy.
A lot of theories on his death arose some months after, among which the British journalist David Yallop's scandalous theory on thr political murder led by conservative cardinals opposed to his progressive church policy interventions (in particular the I.O.R. reform - the Vatican Bank) and to his open-mindedness on contraceptive methods.

martedì 16 agosto 2016

Master Pride @Codice Rosso

Hello my doms&subs :-) On July 2nd there was the Pride Parade in Catania (Sicily) where I took part along with my mates Alexx Stier and Sicilian pig Alberto Esposito. After the Gay Pride we went to the crowded Codice Rosso Club to perform live all together with Sicilian horse-hung porn newcomer Gianni Maggio for the Master&Slave night. Here below, some pics taken during that crazy rawsex night spent in a total piggy Sicilian environment. Enjoy :-)

With Gianni Maggio

domenica 7 agosto 2016

Hairy Hunk Mania

Hello my hairy-hole lovers! :-) Recently, Butch Dixon released a new 3-DVD box named Hairy Hunk Mania: in particular, the 1st one includes my threesome with Russ Magnus and David Lambert (whose snap is showed off in the middle of the back cover) as the 2nd scene of five and my scene with Craig Daniel as the fifth one, and it is called Bareback Daddy Banger.

Front cover
Back cover

martedì 2 agosto 2016

HardOn live show @Fire&Lightbox Complex

Hey my piglets :-) As you know, last May 28th I flew to London to get involved in a new live experience with the hottest pornstars coming from all over the world for the SexCircus event held @Fire & Lightbox Complex in Vauxhall. During that occasion the Queen of Fetishism Suzie Krueger hosted the biggest and piggiest party in UK named HardOn.
Unlike the first time I worked therein, that was the time I performed for her and her naughty customers by topping a massive pig slut coming from Italy like me: hot stallion Paco. As you see from the following pics by and the videos by @joecums22 (Jay Fuckeries from Twitter) at the bottom, his breath-taking ass is a sculpture and his body a piece of art: could I ever back down towards such a beauty? ;-)

Short clip: Fuckimg

Long clip: Fucking, blowing, ass eating and fingering