mercoledì 30 marzo 2016

Pig Party @Crisco Club

Hello my piggy followers :) Saturday night, April 2nd from 11pm, after nearly 2 years, I am going to be back @Crisco, via Sant'Egidio 43r, Florence (IT), for the Pig Party: more than a name, a guarantee ;-)

sabato 26 marzo 2016


Hey there. Dark Alley Media's Bunker new DVD directed by Matthias von Fistenberg is out; it takes its name from the location it has been shooted: The Bunker Bar, 217 City Road, London, and it includes my rawfuck scene with Alexx Stier Dungeon Fuckers whose snaps appear on the rear DVD cover: the bigger one and the last little one. Check out the preview by clicking on the link below and enjoy ;-)

Full cover

lunedì 21 marzo 2016

Boy Babe Bonanza by

Hello dildo lovers from all over the world! :-) Last Feb., 23rd a new solo scene appeared under the name of Boy Babe Bonanza on after nearly 2 years and a half when I had my first dildo self-fucking solo scene ever. As time is going by, techniques improve and body skills sharpen so much that I feel like being now ready to welcome a bigger and bigger quantity of inches (rather a full hand?) to convey even more pleasure. In fact, the following pics and the link to the preview below witness this unexpected abilty which is never enough, anyway ;)
P.S.: skip the first part of the video where I get interviewed, please XD since I am hopeless in having a proper direct speech in English language. Dear me! :'( :-P

Preview edited by my twitter follower @chandlerboi85

mercoledì 16 marzo 2016

3rd Woof Party live show @Bunker Disco Club

Wooooffffff!!!! The Woof party is back again this month for a new porn and dance show: I will be waiting for you all next Saturday, March 19th from 11p.m. @Bunker, via Placido Zurla, 68, Rome, with Mark Wolf and La Steah drag queen. The Hanky Code lying behind this show is Magenta, the reddish purple color which stands for armpits :-P

domenica 13 marzo 2016

Winning the 100th LMDV @Bunker Disco Club

MOO MOO!! Last March 11th I took part to the 100th LMDV, Italian acronym for La Monta Delle Vacche (The Cow Riding, referring to the animal breeding and "cow" metaphorically meaning "slut" in Italian: i.e. "that woman is a cow" stands for "that woman is a whore"), held in Rome @Bunker: it deals with a big fully-naked orgy party between bulls and cows and temporary calves that took place in Italy some years ago and rapidly achieved resounding success so much that it started to move from Padua, where it comes from, to the biggest Italian cities, such as Milan, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Naples, etc. In a certain way it could be related to the German FickstutenMarkt (the Horse Fair) held in Berlin and elsewhere, where studs fuck mares. During a LMDV party cows enter first and got blindfolded, waiting for their bull to be fucked hard, but safely, who absolutely must not see how a cow looks like. Then, a third category appear, the calves, stood for by those who cannot make up their mind whether they play as a bull or as a cow yet. In addition, a fourth category is embodied by the grooms who are up to check everything is OK and everyone is respecting the rules. Once the orgy finishes, bulls are summoned to vote for each numbered cow and are in turn selected by the grooms (since cows cannot see during the party). Finally, bulls choose their Imperial Cow of the night, whereas the Alpha Bull is elected by the groom jury. To sum up, last Friday I was awarded as the Imperial Cow of the Cow Fair's hundredth edition and won a two-night-long dream vacation for two in a 5-star hotel in front of the Dolomites, UNESCO heritage!!! In addition, today I turn 29 and I've rewarded myself about this: it is so fucking nice, isn't it?! ;-) Here below, a pic of the award ceremony with my little Alpha Bull.

100th LMDV preview:

martedì 1 marzo 2016

March hard shows @Juice Berry

Hey all! Next Friday, March 4th from 11p.m. and on Sunday 6th from 6p.m. I am going to perform live @Juice Berry, via Torino 162, Venice. I'll be waiting for you all to have a nice hot weekend together ;)))