domenica 29 novembre 2015

21 Nominations across 18 Categories for the 2016 Raven's Eden Awards

Hello my piggy followers :-) Unlike the previous edition, next year I find myself nominated for a good 21(!) times across 18 categories for the 2016 Raven's Eden Awards! Hence, my pride for the multitude of awarding possibilities and for the three double nominations (which implies you should not choose for one of them, rather vote for both, since you can vote and submit as many times as you prefer) :-) the (numbered) categories where I have been nominated are:

#5. Performer of the Year;
#10. Best Bareback Star;
#13. Hottest Poz Star;
#14. Best Ass to Mouth (for Italian Ass for Biaggi);
#21. Best Bareback Movie (twice nominated for Dominate & Dungeon Fuckers, both by Dark Alley XT);
#25. Social (Media) Butterfly;
#29. Best Ass;
#35. Best Male/Male Couple (with Gaston Croupier and Rocco Steele by;
#38. Hottest Body;
#40. Best International Performer;
#43. Hottest Leather Pig;
#44. Best Performer Blog (that is what you are reading ;-) ).

if you like my work, by clicking on the link at the bottom (be sure you have submit your vote after pressing on button "Next" and finally on "Submit", besides which, you can re-vote a lot of times ;-)))) ). Thank you! :-)

giovedì 26 novembre 2015

Dark Fairytales @Wasteland

Hello my sinful followers :-)  Saturday, November 28th it'll be my first time that I am gonna perform live at the wildest and most famous fetish "pansexual" party all over Europe: Wasteland, which takes place @North Sea Venue, Hemkade 48 Amsterdam/Zaandam (NL). It is a very big location, with six stages, four dance floors, a restaurant, a lounge and, naturally, a dungeon :-) and it hosts from 10p.m. to 6a.m. the Europe's biggest fetish fantasy event, which stands for an important step in my career as a performer and in my personal life: in fact, it deals with the first time I do a live show based on a fisting performance, especially with a woman, and my first bisexual experience as well! Such two records at once :-P it is simply amazing!!! Then, it will be followed by a gay SM sex show. In short, you will assist to a double hard fetish show (gay one at 1:30a.m. at the main stage and ff one at 3:30a.m. at area 48) played by a hot foursome, such as drag queen Anna Bolika, my "fistress" Malice and Nikolaj Tange Lange from Berlin, and me ;-) Thus, do not miss the Dark Fairytales @Wasteland! ;-)

Preview April 11th, 2015:
Anna Bolika's fb fan page:

domenica 22 novembre 2015

My extra-Alpha @Red&Blue

Hey my slutty followers :-P Saturday, October 24th after my interview for KeepRadio, I abruptly had to fly to Antwerp in place of a performer to enjoy the Alpha party with another three hot collegues: Esteban del Toro, whom I worked with at the same place in April; Jason Domino, whom I had the pleasure to meet up at the Hustlaball Berlin 2015 just one week before, and the hot Spaniard stud Dani Robles. I had a very great time with so much hotness all together, as you can see from the following pics and the three videos I have uploaded :-)

Backstage, dressed in leather

VIDEO: Sporty-coded show with Jason Domino (1/2)*

VIDEO: Sporty-coded show with Jason Domino (2/2)*

VIDEO: Foursome*

*if you experience any problem in opening the videos, please change device and use your PC, then it should work.

venerdì 20 novembre 2015

Sin City @Casanova

Hello saints&sinners :-) next Sat., November 21st from 11p.m. I'm gonna be @Pulse Disco for the Casanova party where we sin all together in the name of pleasure and love :-P. Thus, I will be waiting for you all at Via Rossi 5, Rubano (Padova, Italy) for a sinful live show ;-)

martedì 17 novembre 2015

First time performing @Muccassassina Gentlemen

Hello everybody! Finally, I can state to be honoured to work for the most important LGBT-themed party in the whole Italy: Muccassassina! In fact, this Friday, November 20th, I am going to perform live at the newborn men-only area at the 1st floor of Qube disco, via di Portonaccio 212, Rome. As most of Italians already know, since years Muccassassina every Friday takes place at Qube which is made of three levels: at level 0 the yearly party theme song is shown along with a drag queens and dancers choreography and pop music is played; at level 1 DJs put on 80s/90s music and there is also a dark room/cruising area; at level 2 the main show takes place: big performances with wonderful drags and hot go-go boys are majesticly displayed on a big stage and strong house music, played by the most famous DJs from all over the world, makes the atmosphere greater and most delightful.
This year Muccassassina (The Killer Cow), powered by Circolo di Cultura Omosessuale "Mario Mieli", turns 26 with Diego Longobardi artistic director and some news are promoted, among which the GentleMen party inside the men-only cruising area at the level 1 with techno DJs and sexy performances. Thus, next Friday you will find me performing live with Enrico Meloni DJ playing a good techno-house music. This is why, you cannot break the month appointment! Let's meet up then from 2a.m. at Qube, 1st floor, via di Portonaccio 212, Rome (Italy).

venerdì 13 novembre 2015

Live sex shows @Hustlaball Berlin 2015

Hello guyz! This year I took part in the Hustlaball Berlin 2015 as a live performer @KitKat Club. It was an amazing experience, since I had the opportunity to meet and work with great artists coming from all over the world, among whom Michael Selvaggio and Troy Moreno: the former I had a great time with during the little show on the small VIP area stage; the latter, then, fucked me very hard on the main area stage. Finally, I enjoyed the grand final bukkake by receiving a lot of cum on my face (the famous BB cream :P) from 2 black hung men, the fucking hot chocolates Troy and Buster Sly, and a couple of hung trunks coming from USA, Jesse Jackman and the sweetiest Dirk Caber. Here there are some pics taken from the shows with Michael Selvaggio and Troy Moreno and those taken on backstage with pig blonde American Ryan Raz. At the bottom, the video with horsehung Troy will turn you on for his beauty and attractiveness.

Backstage with Ryan Raz
Backstage with Ryan Raz (2)

VIDEO - My sex show with Troy Moreno on the main stage
(if you experience any problem in opening it, please change device and use your PC, then it should work)

lunedì 9 novembre 2015

Spokesmodeling for

Hello my followers. I am glad to have been a promotional model along with Alex Marte for the brand new! It deals with an "Ads and Holidays" website for the gay community where you can ask for/offer hospitality at no charge, share your accomodation or rent it. Check it out now and begin to live a new experience elsewhere or invite new friends: you're gonna feel at your ease with Gay Domus, because Gay Domus is your place to stay! ;-)

mercoledì 4 novembre 2015

Post-Halloween hard shows @Juice Berry

Hello everybody! New shows are about to come: are you ready to cum with me? I will be waiting for you on Friday, November 6th from midnight and on Sunday 8th from 6p.m. @Juice Berry, via Torino 162 Venezia-Mestre (Italy) as usual ;) You need to bring with you just your hunger for sex to be fully satisfied, the rest will follow :-P