sabato 21 giugno 2014

Splash Roma's masked live show @John Blue's Club

Hi my dear followers. These are some pics of my live show held in June 1st @Splash Roma party, the LGBTQIA house-music roman party I work for since some months.

Splash Roma is a travelling gay party, for it changes location once a month during winter season. This time it was held @John Blue's Club (via Libetta 13), and presented Mirabilia Darkness as winter season closing night.

Now, as summer season is coming, let me introduce to you the 1st of our 3 most popular Pool Party in Italian capital city: we meet in July 6th from 10a.m. to 8p.m. @Parco de' Medici Sporting Club, via Cesare Giulio Viola, 13 - Rome. Advance sales are available from right now!


domenica 15 giugno 2014

¡Ay, Qué Calor!

Hi everybody! Gaston does not shoot porn vids only! You can see me into new shoes in sexy performer and singer Dayanna's new funny video "¡Qué Calor!": this song is never off the air this summer!!! Enjoy ♡

giovedì 12 giugno 2014

Sexy live show @Crisco Club

June 14th I will be glad to meet you for my first performance @Crisco Club, via S.Egidio 43r - Florence (Italy). It's gonna be a hot night, livened up by DJ show Nikita Balli's experimental music, so don't miss it! :)

domenica 8 giugno 2014

New Twitter Profile

Hi everybody! At last I decided to create an account in twitter in order to get and keep in touch with people facebook don't have, and with whomever want to follow my crazy life besides fb and to take a look to what passes by Zuckerberg's censure :)

giovedì 5 giugno 2014

lunedì 2 giugno 2014

Non omnes arbusta iuvant humilesque Myricae

O vecchio bosco pieno d'albatrelli,
che sai di funghi e spiri la malìa,
cui tutto io già scampanellare udia
di cicale invisibili e d'uccelli:

in te vivono i fauni ridarelli
ch'hanno le sussurranti aure in balìa;
vive la ninfa, e i passi lenti spia,
bionda tra le interrotte ombre i capelli.

Di ninfe albeggia in mezzo alla ramaglia
or sì or no, che se il desio le vinca,
l'occhio alcuna ne attinge, e il sol le bacia.

Dileguano; e pur viva è la boscaglia,
viva sempre ne' fior della pervinca
e nelle grandi ciocche dell'acacia.

(Giovanni Pascoli, Il Bosco - Myricae, Ricordi, V, 1891-1903)