lunedì 13 giugno 2016

Mister 123Bello! 2016 selections

Hello my friends! After 2 years I decided to get involved again in a further beauty pageant: it deals with Mister 123Bello! hosted by Paola Penelope & Nehellenia, directed by Gianfranco Brugiotti.
Next Thursday, June 16th from 8pm along with another 6 gorgeous guys and 7 wonderful Drag Queens (for Miss 123Bella!) I am going to undergo the severe judgement of a good 11 members of a jury voting for 2 different runway shows and outfits of each of us (the best "character" is an additional voting for Miss 123Bella!) @Teatro Centrale, via Celsa 6, Rome (Italy): 13€ entry, no-limit buffet, dinner shows (Melissa Bianchini+Antonio Labajour de Filippis+Alex Ballerini) and competition included.
Who is going to be the Mister 123Bello! and Miss 123Bella! 2016 of Central Italy? Book your table now and find out who deserves to get to the national final pageant held in Genoa on September 2nd! :-)

123Bello! competitors

123Bella! competitors
The Jury

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