martedì 31 maggio 2016

Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto @Juice Berry

Ave Followers :-) Next Thursday, June 2nd, is the national celebration of the Italian Republic, when in 1946 the istitutional Referendum, after the universal suffrage, were rolled out in order to let population decide about still living in a monarchy or in a new era: the Res Publica (everyone's thing = Republic).
The title refers to the Cicero's passage in De Legibus (III, 8), "On the Law", meaning "the salvation of people be the supreme Law", and stands for the commitment of Roman politicians in ruling in the interest of the community (populus) through the libertas (freedom); such principles funded the Senatus Populusque Romanus, SPQR (The Roman Senate and Community), which is recalled in the name of today's Rome Capital (the Senatus enjoyed the Authority, auctoritas, whereas the Magistrature - Consules et Praetores - practised the Civil Power, potestas, and the Military Power, imperium).
"La Festa della Repubblica" (The Republic Celebration) is usually held in the Capital city of Rome, but this time I celebrate its 70th anniversary with you all in Venice @Juice Berry, via Torino 162, Mestre, from 11pm. In addition, we could meet up the very next day as well, June 3rd, from 11pm for a further live show ;-)

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mercoledì 25 maggio 2016

SexCircus Weekender

Hello, my droolers! :-) Next weekend is gonna be the hottest of the upcoming summer season, since the SexCircus porn party is gonna take place in London!
It deals with a very big party, where people dance with the best DJ sets (Lee Harris, Steven Redant, Dave Urania, etc.), fuck and have a lot of fun by watching 15ish international gorgeous pornstars fucking on a stage: yes, I am gonna be there to liven up the already-hot atmosphere as well along with some of the sexiest adult performers such as Damien Crosse, Logan Moore, Josh Rider, Peto Coast, Antonio Miracle, Nathan Hope, Paco, James Castle, Valentino Delta, JP Dubois, Rodrigo Beckmann, Goran, etc.! This will be my second big international porn party I perform in, after the Hustlaball Berlin 2015.
Martin Princess & Orangenation's SexCircus events are starting with a warm-up party held @Compton's of Soho on Friday night, May 27th from 9pm; then, the main party is gonna take place @Fire Vauxhall on Saturday night, May 28th from 10pm till very late. You could meet me at both events, so we can greet at the former and maybe lose control at the latter lol who knows ;-) 
As to the shows @Fire, we can see me performing with Damien Cross and Nathan Hope at the main area at the beginning, at 1.30am; then, I join Paco at the HardOn area for a fetish show together at 2.30; and finally we meet back at the main area for the cum grand finale with Goran and JP Dubois at 4.30! The Spring Bank Holiday is about to come, so is SexCircus; what about you? Are you coming too? ;-)

Martin Princess' interview on SexCircus

Promo selfie

Promo video

giovedì 19 maggio 2016

Alpha waves @DarKHouse

Hello my dick-sick followers! :-P Next Saturday, May 20th is the 143rd anniversary of Hans Berger's birth, the inventor of the electroencephalografy (1924), the recording of "brain waves", whose the German psychiatrist is the discoverer of the Alpha Waves (aka Berger's waves).
It deals with one type of brain waves detected either by electroencephalography (EEG) or magnetoencephalography (MEG) and predominantly originate from the occipital lobe during wakeful relaxation with closed eyes. Alpha waves are reduced with open eyes, drowsiness and sleep. Occipital ones during periods of eyes closed are the strongest EEG brain signals (Wikipedia).
Twist of fate, in the very early post I promoted the Blue Jeans anniversary which were invented in 1783, and Hans Berger was born just in 1783 LOL: so, the day before Berger was born, in the opposite part of the world Levi Strauss (who originally was German too) & co. got their patent.
Thus, I am going to wait for you all on May 21st 2016 from 11pm @DarkHouse, viale del Lavoro 39/A, San Martino Buon Albergo - Verona (Italy) to get ANALyzed by me and my medical equipment :-P

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martedì 17 maggio 2016

Vintage hard show @Officina

Hello vintage lovers :) next Friday, May 20th I am going to be @Officina Club from 11p.m. for a sex show as a tribute to the the Blue Jeans patent by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss in May 20th, 1873.
Research on the trade of jean fabric shows that it emerged in the cities of Genoa, Italy, and Nimes, France. Gênes, the French word for Genoa, may be the origin of the word "jeans". In Nimes, weavers tried to reproduce jean but instead developed a similar twill fabric that became known as denim, from de Nimes, meaning "from Nimes". Genoa’s jean was a fustian textile of "medium quality and of reasonable cost", very similar to cotton corduroy for which Genoa was famous, and was "used for work clothes in general". Nimes’s "denim" was coarser, considered higher quality and was used "for over garments such as smocks or overalls" (Wikipedia).
So, I will be waiting for you all @Officina, via Alessandro Volta 1, Lìmena - Padua (Italy).

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sabato 14 maggio 2016

Nominated as 'Chulazo' of the year for the Besametonto Awards 2016

Hello my followers! A new nomination has come: for the Spanish Besametonto Awards 2016 by, now got to their 7th edition, I am nominated as 'Chulazo' del año (Hottest Guy of the year).
The award ceremony is going to take place on June 3rd @Bearbie, Plaza Pedro Zerolo (former Plaza Vázquez de Mella), Madrid, with a pre-party on June 2nd @Attack Bar (Calle Olivar, 22). You can vote for me every day until May 31st, when voting closes; in addition, voting each category is not mandatory.
So, take a look at the picture and vote for me by clicking on the link below. Thank you :*

lunedì 9 maggio 2016

Gaston and Esteban by

Hey my cumlovers :) if you really love monstercocks squirting litres of load upon an innocent face after having rawfucked his pink asshole, you must not certainly miss my scene with horsehung Esteban Orive!
As you probably remember, it had been released in TimTales' second DVD called The Raw Tales as a bonus scene closing this bareback piece of porn art in July 2014. Now, you can finally watch it as a single scene where Esteban's rock-hard pole destroys my reluctant, blameless ass... Actually, it was not ready to get such an amount of raw meat, but they soon got acquainted and my butt opened its gate to greet the welcum guest :-)
Here below the illustrated story of a young bitch becoming a pole-dancer with his own ass LOL and the link to the preview of the video at the bottom of the page. Enjoy :-)

Spitting on a cock that is...
... too big for two hands...
... and too fat for a mouth...
... but I'm gonna take it...
... all the way in...
... to see my well-stretched hole...
... being fucked hard...
... appassionately...
... and mercilessly...
... till my ass squirts...
... by pleasure...
... and begs for more...
That's why I'm so happy :-) lol

Behind the scene

mercoledì 4 maggio 2016

Best Ass-to-Mouth Award Winner

Hello great, big, pig world :-) I am proud to announce that after Matt Sizemore (2013), Dick Disco (2014) and Blue Bailey (2015), I won the 2016 Raven's Eden Best Ass To Mouth Award for my raw scene Italian Ass for Biaggi by with hot dom Antonio Biaggi! This is simply amazing! I want to thank you all for your support and for following and voting me during this awesome experience that I fully dedicate to you all.

Announcement via Twitter

Acknowledgement video