giovedì 27 agosto 2015

August Ending @Padova Pride Village

Hello my friends. Saturday, August 29th I am going to be on stage again @Padova Pride Village as a go-go boy to dance together with Mr. Roger DJ and DJ Dee. Don't miss the date and join us at Fiera di Padova, via Carlo Goldoni - ingresso "E". :)
The following pics are referring to my first performance held on August 1st, 2015.

sabato 22 agosto 2015

All Real Bareback volume series

Hello nasty pigs from all over the world :) today marks a good 400 days since my first scene for was out on July 18th 2014. As of that time, new vids appeared and have been collected in 5 different volumes: as for the scenes related to 2014, that with Andrew Bozek is included in "All Real Bareback 2" (the 1st of 2), whereas that with Dan Reck in "All Real Bareback 3" (the 1st of 2); as to 2015 and the Hotel Orgy Shooting, my two group scenes respectively with Mauri and Chris Tee & Jason Stormme, Alexx Stier and Kris Kurt are gathered in "All Real Bareback 18" (2 of 2), instead in "All Real Bareback 19" you can find the hot threesome with Chris Tee and Kris Kurt and the unreleased Punk Group scene with Leon Benetton, Alexx Stier, Armin Philipps and Kris Kurt (2 of 2); finally, the unreleased video with American black hunk Leon Benetton closes the series in my last DVD, "All Real Bareback 20" (the 1st of 2). What follows is the front and back covers about the complete DVD series where my scenes are included.

domenica 16 agosto 2015

Your Disco needs you!

Hey everybody. I guess someone has ever been asked himself what porn actors do during a fuck break? What follows explain the best way to get relaxed while keeping on having fun in the middle of a sex shooting: here, I was with my collegues Leon Benetton, Alexx Stier, Jason Stormme and Kris Kurt along with DJ Jeremy Dyens while dancing in underwear to Kylie Minogue's hit "Your Disco needs you" at the porn set in Cologne last winter (by and WAN Film). So funny, though dishonourable! lol XD

martedì 4 agosto 2015

Be My Cum Dump

Hi cumpigs :) I am proud to inform you that my first DVD for Bulldog Raw by Eurocreme Group is out since July 28th 2015, and this marks the release of my third porn DVD (click to see the first one and the second one), named Be My Cum Dump! This DVD is the first not only for me with this studio, but even for the studio itself! This is why, I am so proud of it! You can see the snaps of my bareback scene with Alejandro Alvarez (whom I competed with during the Hustlaball Berlin Awards 2014) in the front cover and in the back as well. If you want, you can buy it, download it or just watch the preview by clicking on the links at the bottom.

Front Cover

Full Cover