lunedì 28 dicembre 2015

NYE Fisting Circus @Juice Berry

If on New Year's you fist, all year round you want it more like a beast!
This is the perfect motto to start the upcoming year properly, and to say goodbye to the current one. Let's celebrate then this magical night with a circus of punches and loads @Juice Berry, via Torino 162, Venice (Italy) together with my partner-in-crime Nicola Antonio from 9p.m..

giovedì 24 dicembre 2015

Sexy Santa @Tacchi a Spillo

Jingling greetings to everybody! :-) Christmas is coming and a sexy Santa is ready to squirt snow on the bad boys ;-) on Boxing Day from 11p.m. let's celebrate the Christmas Bear Party with Nemesis Organization: I'll be waiting for you @Tacchi a Spillo Club Privé, C.da Tonnarella (industrial area), Termini Imerese (Palermo, Italy) for the Mr.Bear and Mr.Chaser Sicily 2015 contest, where I'm going to crown the winners after judging them as a jury member, along with Bear Drag La Mik and many more.

domenica 20 dicembre 2015

Wild Life (part 1)

Hello pig guyz! my 1st DVD by Dark Alley Media, including Dominate, my fuckscene with Letterio (the 2nd of 4), is out. Here below the full cover where you can see some snaps taken from the video: one standing for the front cover and two in the middle of the inferior part of the back cover.

Take a look at the preview here:

martedì 15 dicembre 2015

2015 Hustlaball Berlin's official pics&vids by Chris Geary

Hello fuckers! As you already know, last October I took part to the Hustlaball Berlin 2015 as a performer and it was for me an unforgettable experience! What follows here is the official pics taken therein by the very competent (and also hot as hell) photographer Chris Geary, such as those related to the backstage, the main stage performance with Troy Moreno and the bukkake grand final with Buster Sly, Troy Moreno and Drk Caber & Jesse Jackman. Finally, at the bottom you find two videos of him: the former taken from Chris Geary's Youtube Channel; the latter, along with the pics, is coming from

Backstage with hot Hustlaball go-go Markus
Fucking with Troy Moreno on the main stage

Bukkake with Buster Sly from MachoFactory

Bukkake with Troy Moreno from MachoFactory

Bukkake with Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman

Hustlaball Berlin 2015 from Chris Geary's YouTube channel
Hustlaball Berlin 2015 from

All materials you have found here belong to Chris Geary ph. and they are taken from:
I own nothing

mercoledì 9 dicembre 2015

Apollo XVII tribute @Juice Berry

Hey my followers! Next December 11, 2015 marks the 43rd anniversary of the last human landing on the moon occured in 1972 during the Apollo XVII, the final lunar mission by NASA. It lasted approximately 12 days from the 9th to the 19th and broke several records set by previous flights, including: the longest manned lunar landing flight; the longest total lunar surface extravehicular activities; the largest lunar sample return, and the longest time in lunar orbit. So, it sounds like it is something worth celebrating for :-) Then, on Sunday 13th from 6p.m. we will meet up again as usual @Juice Berry, via Torino 162, Venezia Mestre (Italy) for another hot meeting ;-) This time I want to provide innovation to my career as a performer by combining sex and context: I want to give rise to a porn-culture that is not the same old story anymore in order to contextualize the art of sex, by freeing it from its sphere of mere ignorance and worthiness or, indeed, I try to succeed :-)

sabato 5 dicembre 2015

Interview in Adam Magazine no.9-10/2015

Photo by GDLart.

Witam wszystkich! Hello everybody! Last summer I flew to Poznań (PL) with Nicola Antonio for our sex show in the occasion of the Mr.Fetish Poland 2015 contest @Klub Dark Angels, where I met the journalist of Adam Magazine, the most famous LGBT-themed bimonthly periodical released in Poland.

I was very enthusiastic and looked forward to having my first oral interview abroad (in English): it was a cold June Sunday, the day after the live show, and I was sitting in front of a big window with an amazing view on the majestic Stary Browar (the old beer factory, now a shopping center) at the Andersia Hotel as my interviewer was asking me a series of interesting questions about my private and public life, which I willingly answered to. However, the outcome of the interview appeared in the mag Sep./Oct. edition is so long and controversial that I need a new post to translate it all from Italian to English for you (thanks to Marius, my Polish friend living in Rome like me, whose translation leads me to think that a little clarity is due). Therefore, waiting for the upcoming post about it, keep on following me :-P

mercoledì 2 dicembre 2015

Mucca GP live show @Muccassassina Gentlemen

MOOOO!!! Last Nov.20th I had my first live show @Muccassassina, the most known and appreciated LGBTQI-themed party all over Italy, that is held every Friday @Qube, via di Portonaccio 212, Rome. In that occasion, I decided to ride two dildos of mine, while at the upper floor my collegues, who were performing as bikers, rode their motorcycles! In fact, after having taken off my leather suit and my helmet at the Gentlemen area, I preferred to ride a cock rather than a bike (too butch for me :-P ). Here below, you can see two pics taken therein with my dildos and a video taken after my show, when I went up on the stage of my centaurs, where Luigi Rosi DJ was playing, and had fun dancing as a slut XD

(if you experience any problem in opening it, please change device and use your PC, then it should work)