martedì 5 aprile 2016

The Dark Side of Wojtyła @DarKHouse

Greetings, diabolic souls! :) Next Friday, April 8th from 11pm for my first time I'm gonna be performing live @DarkHouse, Viale del Lavoro 39/A, San Martino Buon Albergo (VR). It deals with a new-born gay sex club very close to Verona, the city of Romeo+Juliet's love! My first live show there falls on the day of the 11th anniversary of Pope John Paul II's funeral, a controversial religious figure, who was elected saint in 2014 by Pope Francis despite his several dark sides, such as his sexual conservatorism, dictator Pinochet's support, front for pedophilia cases, Mafia money invested into IOR Vatican Bank and adopted to finance Polish anti-communist trade union, etc.. Against this backdrop, the death of Pope Wojtyła takes on a deeper meaning and deserves to be displayed how it actually was supposed to happen.

ph. by GDLart

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