mercoledì 13 aprile 2016

Post-Apocalyptic Decadence @Wasteland

Hello my doomed souls :-) next Saturday, April 16th me and my perv collegues are going to come back to the wildest and pansexual party held in Amsterdam: it deals with Wasteland. After last November, we are now more wound up than ever in performing back live in front of  more than 2,000 fetish-dressed people @North Sea Venue, 48 Hamkade, Zaandam-Amsterdam (NL). As before, I am gonna have two different shows: the main one held in the big stage and closes the whole party (at 4:00a.m.) with the three of my collegues: Anna Bolika, Malice Mistress and Nikolaj Tange Lange, and the gay show held on Area48 stage at 2:45am, next to the big area with Nikolaj. So, I will be waiting for you all in Netherland to assist to what will survive after the Apocalypse!!! ;-)

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