lunedì 21 marzo 2016

Boy Babe Bonanza by

Hello dildo lovers from all over the world! :-) Last Feb., 23rd a new solo scene appeared under the name of Boy Babe Bonanza on after nearly 2 years and a half when I had my first dildo self-fucking solo scene ever. As time is going by, techniques improve and body skills sharpen so much that I feel like being now ready to welcome a bigger and bigger quantity of inches (rather a full hand?) to convey even more pleasure. In fact, the following pics and the link to the preview below witness this unexpected abilty which is never enough, anyway ;)
P.S.: skip the first part of the video where I get interviewed, please XD since I am hopeless in having a proper direct speech in English language. Dear me! :'( :-P

Preview edited by my twitter follower @chandlerboi85

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