martedì 15 dicembre 2015

2015 Hustlaball Berlin's official pics&vids by Chris Geary

Hello fuckers! As you already know, last October I took part to the Hustlaball Berlin 2015 as a performer and it was for me an unforgettable experience! What follows here is the official pics taken therein by the very competent (and also hot as hell) photographer Chris Geary, such as those related to the backstage, the main stage performance with Troy Moreno and the bukkake grand final with Buster Sly, Troy Moreno and Drk Caber & Jesse Jackman. Finally, at the bottom you find two videos of him: the former taken from Chris Geary's Youtube Channel; the latter, along with the pics, is coming from

Backstage with hot Hustlaball go-go Markus
Fucking with Troy Moreno on the main stage

Bukkake with Buster Sly from MachoFactory

Bukkake with Troy Moreno from MachoFactory

Bukkake with Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman

Hustlaball Berlin 2015 from Chris Geary's YouTube channel
Hustlaball Berlin 2015 from

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  1. WOW REALLY HOT DUDE !!!!!! your are fantastic

    1. thanks bb. I always follow your, it is awesome! congrats <3