mercoledì 2 dicembre 2015

Mucca GP live show @Muccassassina Gentlemen

MOOOO!!! Last Nov.20th I had my first live show @Muccassassina, the most known and appreciated LGBTQI-themed party all over Italy, that is held every Friday @Qube, via di Portonaccio 212, Rome. In that occasion, I decided to ride two dildos of mine, while at the upper floor my collegues, who were performing as bikers, rode their motorcycles! In fact, after having taken off my leather suit and my helmet at the Gentlemen area, I preferred to ride a cock rather than a bike (too butch for me :-P ). Here below, you can see two pics taken therein with my dildos and a video taken after my show, when I went up on the stage of my centaurs, where Luigi Rosi DJ was playing, and had fun dancing as a slut XD

(if you experience any problem in opening it, please change device and use your PC, then it should work)

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