domenica 22 novembre 2015

My extra-Alpha @Red&Blue

Hey my slutty followers :-P Saturday, October 24th after my interview for KeepRadio, I abruptly had to fly to Antwerp in place of a performer to enjoy the Alpha party with another three hot collegues: Esteban del Toro, whom I worked with at the same place in April; Jason Domino, whom I had the pleasure to meet up at the Hustlaball Berlin 2015 just one week before, and the hot Spaniard stud Dani Robles. I had a very great time with so much hotness all together, as you can see from the following pics and the three videos I have uploaded :-)

Backstage, dressed in leather

VIDEO: Sporty-coded show with Jason Domino (1/2)*

VIDEO: Sporty-coded show with Jason Domino (2/2)*

VIDEO: Foursome*

*if you experience any problem in opening the videos, please change device and use your PC, then it should work.

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