martedì 17 novembre 2015

First time performing @Muccassassina Gentlemen

Hello everybody! Finally, I can state to be honoured to work for the most important LGBT-themed party in the whole Italy: Muccassassina! In fact, this Friday, November 20th, I am going to perform live at the newborn men-only area at the 1st floor of Qube disco, via di Portonaccio 212, Rome. As most of Italians already know, since years Muccassassina every Friday takes place at Qube which is made of three levels: at level 0 the yearly party theme song is shown along with a drag queens and dancers choreography and pop music is played; at level 1 DJs put on 80s/90s music and there is also a dark room/cruising area; at level 2 the main show takes place: big performances with wonderful drags and hot go-go boys are majesticly displayed on a big stage and strong house music, played by the most famous DJs from all over the world, makes the atmosphere greater and most delightful.
This year Muccassassina (The Killer Cow), powered by Circolo di Cultura Omosessuale "Mario Mieli", turns 26 with Diego Longobardi artistic director and some news are promoted, among which the GentleMen party inside the men-only cruising area at the level 1 with techno DJs and sexy performances. Thus, next Friday you will find me performing live with Enrico Meloni DJ playing a good techno-house music. This is why, you cannot break the month appointment! Let's meet up then from 2a.m. at Qube, 1st floor, via di Portonaccio 212, Rome (Italy).

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