lunedì 1 dicembre 2014

Sicilian Vagabonds by Cristian Torrent Productions

Hello everybody! Today I want to introduce to you my first video for Cristian Torrent Productions, released on November 28th, 2014: it deals with a hard sex live show (which I talked about in an earlier post) held at Codice Rosso cruising bar (Catania, Italy) with piggy master Cristian Torrent and my favourite playmate Nicola Antonio, and titled Sicilian Vagabonds.

During the shooting, it was nice to meet Butch Dixon's newcomer Luca Mazzuca.

Me, Nicola Antonio and Luca Mazzuca

This work stands for the result of the CTP casting "Tu come Noi", held at Terme di Achille sauna (Catania, Italy) on April 2014, in partnership with Codice Rosso, whose I feel like thanking the owner Gaetano and all the staff for the hospitality and location they gave us for the shooting.

The casting playbill

Funny moments after the show

Me and hard performer Nicola Antonio

Me and Cristian Torrent

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