giovedì 4 dicembre 2014

Got three nominations for the Raven's Eden Awards 2015

Hi my followers! I am filled with wonder in discovering that I have been nominated for the second time over a month since the Best Newcomer nomination for the Hustlaball Berlin Awards; this time it deals with the american-based competition called 2015 Raven's Eden Awards, held in Pennsylvania, USA.

I am nominated in 3 different categories: personally as Best Bareback Performer + Best NewCummer and as Best All Male Threesome together with Cristian Torrent and Nicola Antonio in hard sex live show "Sicilian Vagabonds" among a lot more categories, such as those related to gay/all male, lesbian, tranny and straight genres.

Now it is time to vote :) to find my three candidatures, scroll down up to no6.+30.+33.Gay/All Male and, please, vote for me as Best Bareback Performer (6.), as Best All Male Threesome (30.) and as Best NewCummer (33.); then, click on Next for some time until Done to submit your votes. Below, you can find the direct link. THANK YOU ♡

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