mercoledì 26 novembre 2014

Gaston meets Rocco Steele

Last weekend I flew to Barcelona for my second time to shoot a video for a new porn label, named Those days were very full of emotions and energies, spent both within and outside the set. On that occasion, I met one of the piggiest and most gorgeous man coming from NYC: Rocco Steele.

I bet he is not just my favourite actor, since he has 23 thick good reasons to make everyone be in love with him; but what makes him so complete and beloved is what surrounds his repeater (which metonymically recalls his breast inked sign: the italian adjective "antiproiettile", bullet-proof): a massive chest, a tatooed muscle body, simply a bearded male-acting man, who turned out to be professional, easygoing and well-mannered as well. Finally, if we all know that he is bullet-proof, only the bravest could resist to his gun (or cum?) shots, and I accepted the challenge.

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