lunedì 5 settembre 2016

FFunDeluxe @Folsom Europe 2016

Hello my FFollowers! ;-) It's FFolsomtime in Berlin! For the first time in my life I am finally going to taste the real flavour of the open-air leather! In fact, Folsom Europe is the biggest fetish event taking place in Berlin every year during the first half of September. On Saturday 10th at noon the Street Fair will open its gates showing off lots of stands full of fetish stuff throughout Fuggerstraße in Schöneberg.
During Folsom's long weekend a lot of events are taking place: the one I want you to know about here is FFunDeluxe, an exclusive fist party by @I_Love_Fist. It is going to take place twice @Reizbar, Motzstraße 30: the former is getting hosted by Ashley Ryder on Thur.8th from 9pm; the latter by me on Sat.10th from 9pm. In addition, we are going to meet&greet all of you @Kink Unit, a new fetish store located at Eisenacherstraße 116, respectively on Thur.8th from 6pm and on Sun.11th from 6pm.
So, don't miss the dates and cum to have FFun in Berlin ;-)

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