martedì 2 agosto 2016

HardOn live show @Fire&Lightbox Complex

Hey my piglets :-) As you know, last May 28th I flew to London to get involved in a new live experience with the hottest pornstars coming from all over the world for the SexCircus event held @Fire & Lightbox Complex in Vauxhall. During that occasion the Queen of Fetishism Suzie Krueger hosted the biggest and piggiest party in UK named HardOn.
Unlike the first time I worked therein, that was the time I performed for her and her naughty customers by topping a massive pig slut coming from Italy like me: hot stallion Paco. As you see from the following pics by and the videos by @joecums22 (Jay Fuckeries from Twitter) at the bottom, his breath-taking ass is a sculpture and his body a piece of art: could I ever back down towards such a beauty? ;-)

Short clip: Fuckimg

Long clip: Fucking, blowing, ass eating and fingering

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