domenica 10 luglio 2016

Watch Us Fuck by

Hello my nasty voyeurs! What I am going to introduce to you is my first scene shooted Raw&Rough by Jason Stormme as I was having my Eastertime holiday in Berlin.
The first time I met Jason was in Cologne in January 2015 for some group rawscene, then I met him again in London and finally in Berlin, which basically was nearly unexpected: via my friend Alexx Stier I knew about he would have been in the capital city of the fetish gay sex; so, I texted him to plan some stuff together. That was the time I knew I would have shot with Brasilian hung cute newcomer Pietro del Toro. But how it should have been developing it was a mystery 'till they bring me to the creepy location of an abandoned Children's Hospital, the Sauglings-und Kinderkrankenhaus in Weissensee. We moved there on Easter Monday to hunt for the perfect location among all those precarious haunted buildings. When we finally chose the exact place to shoot in, people off for the Easter came to visit with their family, and we found us to stop frequently and get dressed in a hurry in order to avoid some right-minded mother called for cops. Ironically, here was the hot thing of the whole situation: running the risk of being caught by common people excited me a lot; in addition, the creepy crumbling graffiti-stained location gave a more pervert urge to the story so that we were both worried and horny for the environment we were into: we love people that Watch Us Fuck! :-)
This ever-yearned unusual situation elicited the itch to make more scenes like this, and I am looking forward to doing more in the future. Wow, so fucking amazing! :-)
Here below you find some snaps and pics of the haunted location we shot in and the video preview. Enjoy :-)

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