venerdì 1 gennaio 2016

Lines of Xcommunication @Juice Berry

Happy New Year to everybody! New year, new ways of conceiving communication. Communication in human relationships may be sincere, immediate, mediate, misinterpreted, allusive, biting, provocative, clear, wrongfooting, embarassing, irritating, rude and insulting, leading to dishonour, infamy, shame and even blasphemy. Probably, this should have been what Pope Leo X felt when Martin Luther defiantly burnt the papal bull "Exsuge Domine" where he had been demanded of recantation on December 10th, 1520. Accordingly, on January 3rd, 1521 Leo X excommunicated Luther issueing the bull "Decet Romanum Pontificem" (literally, "It pleases the Roman Pontifex"), which are the first three Latin words of the text.

Decet Romanum Pontificem, issued on Jan. 3rd, 1521

Thus, after 495 years on Jan.3rd, 2016, we shall honour the religious episode between these two renowned historical figures in a both blaspheme and provocative live show, a new way of communicating sex and pleasure @Juice Berry club, via Torino 162, Venice (Italy) from 6p.m. So, don't miss it, my godless sinners! ;-)

ph. by GDLart

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