sabato 31 ottobre 2015

My Halloween Ghost Story for

from Twitter (@Otter_Holt)

BOOOOOO! Scary greetings to everybody! :-P Halloween is coming (or else "is cumming") and for 7 pornstars it is time to reveal what they have carried on their heart with fear and shame during all of these years! Fear for what they would have felt again while confessing their haunting thoughts; fear for not being believed; and shame for being mocked for that. But Halloween is the proper time to feel freed from this heavy burden from our own shoulders, from our soul. Thus, many collegues and me have decided to tell our own ghost story to and what you are going to read is what has been haunting my mind since my youth. Enjoy my story, then, by clicking on the link at the bottom, and Happy Terrifying Halloween to you all :-)

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