martedì 14 aprile 2015

Alpha sex live show @Red&Blue

Hi my followers! Today is a special day to me to announce to you my first live performance out of my homeland: Italy. It deals with the sex live show called "Alpha", monthly held @Red&Blue, 11 Lange Schipperskapelstraat, 2000 Antwerp - Belgium.

During my stay in London from April 15th to 22nd, I am going to leave up to Antwerp for my first time in Belgium! This is so amazing :-) This time I won't be alone, but I am going to work with three brilliant pornstars, such as Esteban Del Toro, Riley Tess and, last but not the least ,as you already know from here and here, my favourite partner Craig Daniel.

So, save the date and have fun together @Red&Blue Club in Antwerp!

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