giovedì 6 ottobre 2016

Revolver Folsom Show 2016

Hello my pigs :-) Folsom Europe finished one month ago and now I got the pics and the video by Paul Partyzimmer of my hard fetish performance with Anna Bolika and Nikolaj Tange Lange @KitKat Berlin for the Revolver Party. It was crazy since all the crowd was so excited by watching Nikolaj and me getting abused by the Fetish Drag Devil Anna Bolika with anal plugs and dildos; then, my mate started to fist me as he was getting fucked by Anna's strap-on huge dildo like in a long nasty sex train; finally, collegue Ken Taylor and a fist-lover came up to enjoy my hungry hole with their hands along with the excitement of the whole audience: so fucking hot!!! :-)

Getting ready to fist

Ken Taylor and a hot guy came to the stage and started to fist my ass :-)
This hot fister was making my hungry hole so wide open :-)

Watch the video here:

4 commenti:

  1. fuck yeah! sexual liberation! :) #LOVEwins

  2. fuck yeah! beautiful scenes of fetish and fantasy. sexual liberation!

    love wins!

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