martedì 23 agosto 2016

The Smile of God @Juice Berry

Hello, my devotees :-) Next Fri., August 26th from 11pm I'm gonna be @Juice Berry, via Torino 162 Venice (Mestre), to celebrate the 38th anniversary of Pope John Paul I's election, "The Smile of God" aka "The Smiling Pope".
Born Albino Luciani, he is the most recent Italian-born pope, ending a succession of popes started with Clement VII in 1523, and he is known to have led the shortest papacy ever, lasted just 33 days. Before being pope, he was the third Patriarch of Venice (during the XX century) as Cardinal-Priest of San Marco: he progressively supported divorce in Italy (1974), though promoted disciplinary punishment to the priests who spoke out in favour of any leftist party, mostly because of the Marxism (1975), but urged fellow priests in Venice to sell their valuables to stand for spastic children as long as he did by selling a golden cross given to him by Pope John XXIII, who was the second Patriarch of Venice (1976). He dead for a heartbreak on Sep.28th, 1978 after a 33-day-long papacy.
A lot of theories on his death arose some months after, among which the British journalist David Yallop's scandalous theory on thr political murder led by conservative cardinals opposed to his progressive church policy interventions (in particular the I.O.R. reform - the Vatican Bank) and to his open-mindedness on contraceptive methods.

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