lunedì 18 luglio 2016

Mister 123Bello! runway show @Teatro Centrale

Hello my beauties ;-) Last June 16th I participated for fun in a beauty pageant held in Rome @Teatro Centrale named Mister 123Bello! 2016, which simultaneously occured with Miss 123Bella!, the drag competition.
During that crazy funny night me and all competitors had two different runway shows: a well-dressed one where each of us looked elegant with his dress suit, and a sexy one where you could show off as you decided to do that according to the music you chose to put on; I decided to put Marilyn Monroe's "I Wanna Be Loved By You" XD
Here below some pics taken therein and the videos about me playing Marilyn and the award ceremony where Diego Ianniello wins the selections of Mr.123Bello! 2016. Enjoy ;-)

Sexy runway show

Sexy runway show

Well-dressed runway show


Mister 123Bello! & Miss 123Bella! Theme Song performance

VIDEO: My sexy runway show

VIDEO: The award ceremony

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