martedì 7 giugno 2016

Roma Pride Witch Sabbath @Spartacus Sauna

Hello my renegades :-) next Friday, June 10th is the Gay Pride Parade's Eve in Rome as well as the CCCXXIV anniversary of the so-called Salem Witch Trials: a series of trials which led to the execution of people (mostly women) accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts from February 1692 to May 1693.
Actually, this was the most impressive prosecution of heretics in the British colony after the previous 17 executions between 1647 and 1688: it involved not only present-day Danvers (Salem Village) and Salem (once Salem Town, legally indipendent from the village), but even many more towns; this implies how intense was the procedure and widespread was the practice of black magic in New England.
June 2nd, 1692 was the day of the first trial whose execution was held on the 10th: Bridget Bishop was sentenced to hanging on the so-called Witches' Hill in Salem Town. Later, on the 29th, 5 more women were convicted to death, and so on.
Against this backdrop, I will be waiting for you all to celebrate the black witch Sabbath @Spartacus Sauna, via Pontremoli 28, Rome (Italy) on June 10th from 10pm. In addition, it is so curiously bizarre that the above-mentioned anniversary falls just the day when I have my live show in San Giovanni in Laterano Roman area, since an ancient pagan tradition, traditionally called "the witches' night", was held just in San Giovanni: it dealt with St. John Nativity night on June 24th (just 2 weeks later), during the Eve of which witches gathered together to go on souls hunt. Thus, people flocked from every area of Rome to make a lot of noise by playing bells, tambourines and trumpets in order to frighten them and to eat snails, in taverns, whose horns stood for concerns and troubles, so against adversities and jinxes; the party ended up in the early morning when the pope went to the Basilica for the high mass after which he lavished gold and silver pieces to liven up the crowd.
Unfortunately, this kind of celebration does not exists anymore today, but if you come around next Friday I could liven up your night to make up for it :-P

ph. by GDLart

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