martedì 26 aprile 2016

The Liberation of Workers @Juice Berry

Hello my followers! Next Friday, April 29th from 11pm and next Sunday, on May Day from 6pm I will be waiting for you all @Juice Berry, via Torino 162, Venezia Mestre (Italy) for a double live shows. It deals with Benito Mussolini's execution anniversay day (April, 29th 1945), which led to the end of fascist dictatorship in Italy and of the 2nd World War, and Portella della Ginestra massacre anniversary (May, 1st 1947: the first carnage in the Republican Italy), where 11 Italo-Arbëreshë speaking workers were shot to death and 27 injured by bandit and separatist Salvatore Giuliano's anti-communist band as they were celebrating the Labor Day (Arbëreshë is the old southern variant of the Albanian, also known as Tosk Albanian: not by chance, Portella is located into Piana degli Albanesi municipality in the province of Palermo, Sicily, where Albanian refugees moved to after Skanderbeg's death in Albania - along with more locations throughout Southern Italy). What links both events is that the Labor Day was moved to April 21st during the Fascism, because it is the Anniversary of the Founding of Rome during 753 BC, but, when Italy was liberated after Mussolini's execution in Milan, it was moved back to the May Day. Finally, next weekend I am gonna be performing the importance of love and peace instead of making war!

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