martedì 23 febbraio 2016

Sexy Santa live show @Tacchi a Spillo

Hello everybody! The last Boxing Day I flew to Sicily (IT) for the Xmastime to perform live @Tacchi a Spillo Club Privé, located in Termini Imerese, the ancient Greek colony a few km out of the Phoenician and Arabian Palermo. Here, I show you some pics taken before, during and after the show and the video of a part of it. Enjoy :-)

Crowning Mr.Bear Sicily 2015

Backstage with La Mik Drag Queen, Mr.Bear Sicily+Mr.Chaser Sicily+Mr.Tacchi a Spillo 2015

La Mik and me

(if it doesn't work, please try to open by changing device, i.e. a PC)

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