domenica 29 novembre 2015

21 Nominations across 18 Categories for the 2016 Raven's Eden Awards

Hello my piggy followers :-) Unlike the previous edition, next year I find myself nominated for a good 21(!) times across 18 categories for the 2016 Raven's Eden Awards! Hence, my pride for the multitude of awarding possibilities and for the three double nominations (which implies you should not choose for one of them, rather vote for both, since you can vote and submit as many times as you prefer) :-) the (numbered) categories where I have been nominated are:

#5. Performer of the Year;
#10. Best Bareback Star;
#13. Hottest Poz Star;
#14. Best Ass to Mouth (for Italian Ass for Biaggi);
#21. Best Bareback Movie (twice nominated for Dominate & Dungeon Fuckers, both by Dark Alley XT);
#25. Social (Media) Butterfly;
#29. Best Ass;
#35. Best Male/Male Couple (with Gaston Croupier and Rocco Steele by;
#38. Hottest Body;
#40. Best International Performer;
#43. Hottest Leather Pig;
#44. Best Performer Blog (that is what you are reading ;-) ).

if you like my work, by clicking on the link at the bottom (be sure you have submit your vote after pressing on button "Next" and finally on "Submit", besides which, you can re-vote a lot of times ;-)))) ). Thank you! :-)

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