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Interview in Pride Magazine no.190

Hello, my followers! I am literally "proud" to have been interviewed by the Italian LGBT-themed Magazine Pride, since it is the gay magazine with the highest level of circulation in Italy with an army of dedicated readers.

At p.12 in no.190 of September 2015, I have been asked about different topics: my debut; the typical way of living of a gay boy in my hometown, especially about me; the first live show experience; the difference between the porn shoot and the hard show attitude; drugs use at  the workplace; the earnings of a porn model; my erotic dream, what I think about same-sex marriage; finally, suggestions to newcomers.

Pics and interview are by Andriy Mishchenko ·

I've tried to translate it in English from the Italian language hoping that it is clear :)



We have met the Italian porn actor and live performer Gaston Croupier and we have been told all secrets concerning live shows and porn shoots. "My 'hobby' - he states - has not changed my personality"

Gaston Croupier is a young Italian porn actor and live performer belonging to the new generation. He was born and raised in Sicily [Italy] and when he was 19 he moved to Rome to conquer the Capital of Italy. He has got a humble and sunny character and he knows what he is about. His job (he calls it "hobby") is his passion as well. We interviewed him at the Bramante's Cloister [Chiostro del Bramante in Rome] after some exclusive shots for Pride.
- Tell us about you and your debut.
I was born and raised in a small town in Sicily. I had my first gay experiences when I was 19; then, I moved to Rome. Since I found out that I was gay, I have wished to be a pornstar: I watched lots of porn movies and I have always wanted to be part of that industry. Then, I discovered by chance an Italian porn actor's interview online and decided to get in touch with him to have a casting in Catania. At first, I was a little sceptical, since I did not think they would have called me back: but, the feedback was better than I expected and I started in 2012. The first two years I did not work a lot, but then, in 2014, I improved my business and I started to perform live on stage.
- How is living in Sicily for a young gay? What do you remember about your youth?
At home sex is taboo and no one has ever talked about that; that is why, I kept my sexuality to myself. Although my youth best friend was gay, we have never opened the heart to each other, because in Sicily it is difficult for everybody to express himself even to a dear friend because of the customs. At that time, we did not have internet and all facilities we can enjoy today; so, we used to spend our free time looking at the porn magazines: I remember we used to go around the town, climbing the scaffoldings and stealing the porn reviews that the construction workers hide on roofs. Afterwards, we all met together in a deconsecrated church, where no one could ever get in and we jerked off on our spoils. It is during those times that I have found out that I prefered to watch a dick rather than a pussy.
- What about your first live show experience?
It was in 2014 during St. Valentine's day when I had my first live show: first times are always dreadful. Dealing with a strip-tease, I was very shy. However, the more you do, the more you get used to. If you are by yourself it is more complicated, since people are looking at you only; whereas if you work in partnership, especially if you know each other and there's a relationship, it is easier. The aim is to involve audience's mind, but you need to be involved first.
- What is the difference between the porn scene and the live performance attitude?
As regards the former, you are with a partner and someone else in front of a camera: the perception of an audience takes place, but you are not bound directly and psychologically, though you are conscious of  being seen by thousands of people a posteriori; whereas, as to the latter, you are alone (in case with a partner) straight "against" everyone, so you could be uneasy at the beginning, but, as time goes by, you will succeed in getting used to.
- Drugs on the set: has it ever happened to you?
Personally not, referring to the studios I have been working for. However, it is likely that someone is on drugs before performing. I acknowledge I happened to work with someone who experienced erection problems: as anyone knows the majority of drugs brings about this kind of consequences, I think it is unprofessional!
- How much does a porn model get?
As long ago as '80/'90 a porn actor could live off his job: "millions" of lira [Italian pre-euro currency] were not just a sheer utopia. Unfortunately, today you don't achieve even "the thousand" of euro... rather, a much lower pay.
- What about your erotic dream?
Marco Blaze and Rafael Alencar, even all together!
- What do you think about same-sex couple marriage [in Italy]?
I am against marriage as an "istitution". However, since we live in a society where marriage is basically accepted for a part of population to assure them all rights needed, thus I cannot see the legitimate reason why it is not bestowed on anyone needs it.
- What do you suggest the boys who want to embark on a career as a porn actor?
I concede in porn there are three different criteria to consider: face, body and front/back privates. At least, two of three have to be fit, instead many people do not fit: we need to be realists. Moreover, I rather think you have to be keen on do it and be liable for the consequences before starting: you get involved in first person, your videos are on the net and what you do should be able to reconcile itself with your main business commitments. Pornography is not a joke, rather a long-term investment that stakes our all.

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