lunedì 3 febbraio 2014

The other half of me

Everyone has a hidden part of himself: there is the one which you show to face everyday life, to get in touch with people, which is the part everybody knows of you that they think you really are; but, beyond the surface of being, the mask we wear to interface with the world of phenomena, we have got the most powerful, though darkened, part of us revealing the true ontological face. It deals with the amorphous cluster of ideas, of feelings, of unspokens perturbing our close inner space: what we want to be, but we cannot; what we want to say, but we are not able to; what we feel, but we take in hiding for fear, for insecurity, for cowardice. Now, let's put aside the inhibitions of soul, of instinct, of "Es", and go to find out what is secretly concealed inside. So, let me lead you to my deepest, unknown part of me...

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