lunedì 13 ottobre 2014

Vote me as Best Newcomer for the Hustlaball Berlin Award 2014

Hi my followers! This is an important stage of my professional career in porn industry that I want to share with you: it deals with my nomination as Best Newcomer for the Hustlaball Berlin Award 2014, a prestigious porn festival celebrating leading figures about hardcore European industry, presented by MGW Cologne and Boner Magazine, and hosted by Felix Barca in 17th October at 8p.m. @KitKat Club.

Nominations refer to different categories, such as Best DVD Cover, Best Newcomer Studio, Best Studio Website, Best Director, Best Versatile, Top and Bottom Actor, Best Actor, Best Threesome, Best Fetish, Twink, Hunk and Group Film, Best Film and Best Newcomer, where I am in competition with Fabio Lopez and Alejandro Alvarez, both candidated by Lucas Entertainment; this latter is a very sexy guy and DJ I met in Cologne last May on the occasion of the GreenKomm after hour, and I hold him in high esteem.

I am very thankful to Chris Schoeler and his All Real Bareback for believing in me, and to everyone of you that supports my career trusting my skills and my personality. As to me, it is a goal that two years ago, when I decided to start my professional course, I would never have been able to imagine that one day I achieved it. It is just enough for me arriving up to here :-)

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