martedì 24 febbraio 2015

Gaston Croupier, Russ Magnus and David Lambert by

Hi everybody! Today, I wanted to introduce to you all my 2nd scene for Butch Dixon (see the 1st one here) that was released on February 18th. This hot filthy raw threesome with American hunk David Lambert and piggy newcomer Russ Magnus personally marks my début on porn industry as a top actor: yes, I can top too :P Enough of the same old story: let's start to change habits in order to show you the part of myself that usually takes place in my private life; but, this does not mean to grow out of acting as a bottom, since it is and remains one of my best passions ;) No more chatting now, and after taking a look on these pictures, watch the video preview by clicking on the link... at the bottom ;)

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